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M49 Avonmouth Junction

Project Progress

Following our assessment of all options,  we have chosen the Farm Lane Two Bridge option as our preferred option.

This option stood out as it:

  • is the most affordable
  • requires less land
  • opens up a greater area of land for development
  • has greater capacity to accommodate traffic levels in the future
  • better incorporates the National Cycle Network, bridleway, and public footpath aspirations

Key considerations

  • Environment
  • Local Communities
    – Local roads
    – Impact of construction work
  • Non-motorised user facilities
    – Improving the existing facilities
  • Utilities
  • Drainage

Impact on local roads 

During construction:

  • Commitment that construction work will take place from the M49, not the local roads.
  • Light vehicles may approach the site via the Severnside development.
  • B4055 should not see increase in congestion during construction.

After construction: 

  • Traffic modelling shows reduction in traffic flows on the B4055 and A403, compared to not putting a junction in.
  • A reduction in traffic will lead to safer road conditions, and less congestion, on the local road network.

Next steps


  • Design of the junction improvement itself has begun.
  • Detailed design of drainage requirements, pedestrian, cyclist and equestrian access, as well as environmental improvements are all required.

Information event

  • We will hold a public information event later this year before the start of construction.
  • We will provide details of the final proposal, construction programme and how we plan to minimise inconvenience to road users, residents and businesses.

Schedule of works

  • Started on site December 2017
  • Due for completion December 2019

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